When Cycle Chic Cyclists Join the VeloCity Parade in Nantes

Velo City took place last week in Nantes (France) and two members of Belgium Cycle Chic attended this international congress. As always, a bicycle parade has been organised which professionals and a massive number of inhabitants of Nantes joined.

No more cars but 7.000 cyclists in the city-center of Nantes.  

The parade is the perfect moment for cyclists to dress up and ride unusual bikes.  

When I say international, I mean that people from ALL over the world (80 countries) attended Velo City, even Hawaii was represented.  

Number of cargo-bikes in Nantes has increased a lot these past years and has become a usual means of transportation for families with young children.
VeloCity Parade - Nantes
But most importantly, cycling in Nantes is now considered as a real alternative for your commute. Citizen cyclists represent the majority of the bicycle users.

A chic summer suit matching the wooden bike.
VeloCity 2015 - Bike Parade

An elegant hispter
 VeloCity 2015 - Bike Parade

A local woman
VeloCity 2015 - Bike Parade

When a bike parade takes place in a city-center during the rush hour, local cyclists going back home can be spotted all around the parade....

riding a regular bike...
VeloCity 2015 - Bike Parade

or a Bicloo (the local public bike). 
VeloCity 2015 - Bike Parade

To finish, one of the star of the event has been a little device, discrete but useful: le Poupoupidou. Here at Cycle Chic, we highlight cyclists riding while wearing regular clothes.
Read the manifesto here.
But sometimes, a small accessory can be useful.

Le Poupoupidou gives a perfect solution for women riding with a skirt without risk of flashing people. Smart!