Bicycle revolution by Cycle Chic ladies

There is a small revolution going on at the Brussels’ office of Child Focus. In the past 6 months, the number of people cycling to the office went from 2 to 6 in a few months only. How? By the simple but strong force of girls on bicycles!

Eleonor & Julie cycle to work daily, with flair, passion and enthusiasm, without fluo or lycra. And by doing just that, they have managed to pass the vibe on to other people and they are on their way to conquer many more hearts for cycling!

One striking example of a person that has been inspired by Julie and Eleonor, is Stéphanie. She recently switched from car to e-bike and now cycles to work (22km one way!) after bringing her children to school.

So the message to all of you out there is: Keep inspiring the people around you just by cycling chic and with a smile on your face!

More changes are ahead! 

It’s more than just good looks on a bicycle. Julie, former employee of cyclists’ organization Fietsersbond, asked the HR-department to bring the cycle allowance up from 0,15€ to 0,22€ per kilometer cycled along your preferred and most importantly, safest route. 

The recent renovations in the offices will hopefully also allow for better, cleaner and more bicycle parking and showers. This makes a big difference for cyclists! 

Child Focus will also make an overall plan to promote sustainable and active mobility. Of a total of 54 employers, 35 live in and around Brussels, which is a very interesting target group to focus on. 

You are doing great, keep up the good Bike 2 Work!