Gentsche Fieste VI – the ultimate cycle chic family set-up

We experienced some cycle chic voodoo the other day.

On this photo you can see the ultimate cycle chic family bike set-up. Here we have a Johnny Loco cargo bike for the misses and the kids and a truly amazingly classy Achielle for the mister.

So where’s the voodoo? Well, this is a shot from when I arrived. But when I left, I noticed the owners of these bikes leaving as well. So I hurried to get my camera out. But it completely blocked and distorted, making it impossible to snap them. And as soon as they were out of shooting range, my camera turned back to normal.

Conclusion: this family was to cool to shoot. Even my camera thought so.

But if they by any chance should read this, drop me a line, I’d love to do a proper shoot with you guys!

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