VELO – Bicycle Culture and Design – WIN YOUR OWN COPY!

Since we’ve been doing this blog, which includes a lot of research and surfing around the world wide information highway, for other blogs that present all things bicycle culture, we thought we’d seen a lot.

Boy, were we wrong.

But now that we’ve looked through Velo – Bicycle Culture and Design, published by Berlin based Gestalten, we can say we indeed have seen pretty much everything when it comes to bicycle (sub)culture, art and design. And some of it we saw with our jaw dropped to the floor.

Velo doesn’t have a lot of text. That’s because it doesn’t need to have a lot of text. This is book to look at and to be amazed and get inspired by some of the most passionate designers, photographers, illustrators and riders out there. All of them having one muze: the bicycle.

Though primarily focussing on subcultures that have their origin and focus on the street (fixies, grafitti, illustrators, t-shirts and caps…) and on dazzling bicycle design – be it practical or innovative, Velo also has a sharp eye for the growing urban and social relevance the bicycle is playing in modern day city transport. There’s even a pretty big interview with a certain Mikael Colville-Andersen.

The cool thing about this book is that is relevant. Not just to people who are in any way involved in bicycle culture or in transport. It has the power to appeal to anyone who’s even the slightest bit interested in arts, design and our constantly shifting society.

Therefore Velo is a vital document that shows us in how many different ways the bicycle has become a part of our lives and our cultural identity.


So you’d like to have a copy of Velo on your own coffee table? You can! Thanks to the cool people at Gestalten we are able to give away one copy of this amazing book.

How? Simple: show us a photo of yourself, your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband, or a friend of yours being all cycle chic. And by cycle chic, we don’t just mean fashionable. Cycle chic is just as much about attitude, posture and joie de vivre. It’s about your style.

The person who sends us the most cycle chic photo gets the book. And since this book is filled with art and design, you get extra points for being arty next to fashionable.

Post your submission up our wall on our Facebook (and maybe tag yourself), or send us your photo at info(a) The ones we get through e-mail will be posted on the FB wall by us.

The winning photo will be selected by a very special guest: Leen Creve, design journalist for Knack Weekend.


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