New flowers for Josje

On Instagram, we discovered this sunny picture of Josje from Belgian girls band K3 on her bicycle in Antwerp.

Josje from K3

Way to go, Josje!

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A while ago we were contacted by The Bulletin, the acclaimed monthly magazine for Eurocrats, expats, non-Belgian, English-speaking residents. They were doing a feature on bicycles in Brussels and wanted to hear our point of view on the issue. We gladly obliged.

Then, we got another mail from the lovely reporter, if we would be interested in taking some photo’s for the article, since – and we quote – ‘going through the photo’s on our blog made her want to go out and ride her bike’. Needless to say we were absolutely charmed, and off we went to shoot some cycle chic in Brussels.

The issue will be out on August 26th, so go out and get it. We’ll blog more about it soon enough.

In the meantime, here’s one of the shots that didn’t make the editorial cut, but that we like anyway. Simply because shopping flowers by bicycles is always chic.

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Flowers and bicycles

Something about flowers on a bicycle that always brings a smile to our face. They just go so well together, don’t they.

Photo made in Holland, sent to us by Mark Peeters. Thanks!



Yesterday, the Original Copenhagen Cycle Chic brought a post about how to customize your bicycle. This is what we saw a few weeks ago in Antwerp.

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White flowers

Flowers put a smile on your face. They make you feel good. They remind you of spring, even when the days are dark, short and very cold. Flowers, my dear friends, are a thing of beauty and therefore – to quote a certain Keats – a joy forever.

To decorate something as your bike with something as delicate as a white flower is a sign of sweet and tender sophistication – which is completely reflected in her style.

Iconic photo by reader Jan Vandenbergh

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Stylish Black and White

Is there anything other to say than Bravo!!!


A lonely flower

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In springtime, flowers come out

You see them popping up everywhere…

… stylish grey…


… and in colour.


Photos by Joost, in Mechelen.

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